Same-Day Results

Candidates typically receive their exam results same day minimizing wait times and getting them practicing as EFDAs.

On-Site Examination

CODT adminsters the exam at your educational institution for maximum convenience and familiarity.

Payment Plans

EFDA candidates can pay for their registration in multiple payments to increase affordability.

Replace Exam Tooth

To alleviate test anxiety, candidates are permitted to replace one tooth on the clinical exam if necessary.

Overview of CODT

The Commission on Dental Testing in Ohio is a private not-for-profit organization, which develops, administers, scores and reports the results of examinations to the Ohio State Dental Board in their determination of eligibility for Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) certification and registration.

News & Announcements

Looking for answers to commonly asked questions? Check out our newly added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where you can also download our EFDA Exam Checklist PDF.

2022 Examination Dates

IMPORTANT: Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many exams are now "closed" (open only to graduates of an institution) and it is possible exam dates will be rescheduled. If an exam date is pending below, it will have a "pending" icon next to it. It is still recommended to sign up for pending exams to reserve your seat. In the event an exam date is rescheduled to a later date, payment plan due dates will be extended and you will be notified as soon as possible of the change of date.

CODT Candidate Survey Results

Below are tabluated results from a CODT candidate experience, satisfaction, and values survey that we conducted in 2021. Ratings are on a scale from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest). CODT offers all service factors surveyed & listed below.

Importance of receiving same day test results5.0/5.0
Importance of testing on-site in a familiar location as opposed to a random testing location5.0/5.0
Importance of option to replace a tooth on the clinical exam4.8/5.0
Importance of flexible payment plans4.1/5.0
Ease of registration with CODT4.3/5.0
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The CODT Institutional Testing Advantage

CODT invests in making a difference for EFDA candidates and the institutions that educate them. Improve the testing experience for your EFDAs by contacting CODT today.

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