Delegable Tasks

Ohio EFDA’s delegable duties currently permitted by the Ohio State Dental Board as of April 2007.

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Click on “Publications” in the left margin, then scroll down to “Other” and click on “Permissible Duties.”

The following list is from the OSDB website:

Placement of Sealants
Placement of restorative materials limited to amalgam restorative materials
Placement of restorative materials limited to nonmetallic restorative materials, including direct-bonded restorative materials
Aspiration and retraction, excluding placement of gingival retraction materials
Intra-oral instrument transfer
Preliminary charting of missing and filled teeth
*Elastomeric impressions for diagnostic models and models to be used for opposing models in the construction of appliances and restorations
Taking impressions for the construction of custom athletic mouth protectors/mouthguards
Taking impressions for the construction of trays for application of medicaments
Application of disclosing solutions
Caries susceptibility testing
*Demonstration of oral hygiene procedures, including, but not limited to, use of toothbrushes and dental floss
Shade selection for fabrication of appliances or restorations
Application of topical anesthetics
Pulp testing
Fluoride application, limited to liquid or gel applications
Topical applications of desensitizing agents to teeth
*Application of periodontal dressings (packs)
Removal of periodontal dressings (packs)
Suture removal
Placement of rubber dam over preplaced clamp, and removal of clamp and rubber dam
*Application of cavity varnish Placement of surgical dressings
Removal of surgical dressings
Intra-oral bite registrations for diagnostic model articulation
Intra-oral bite registrations for restorations
Intra-oral bite registrations for appliances
Standard, diagnostic, radiologic procedures for the purpose of contributing to the provision of dental services
All supportive services necessary to the maintenance of a hygienic practice environment, including, but not limited to, all sterilizing procedures
Physical positioning of the patient
Monitoring of vital signs
Assistance during administration of life-support activities, and any other non-invasive procedures deemed necessary by the supervising dentist to maintain the health and safety of the patient
Taking photographs
Recording patient treatment
Measurement of blood pressure and body temperature
Other common tests deemed necessary by the supervising dentist
*Repair, construction and finishing of metallic and plastic prosthetic devise Compilation of radiographic data for interpretation by the dentist, i.e., tracings, etc Progress reports
Consultations (oral or written)
Oral hygiene instructions
Instruction /Use of intra-oral hygiene devices
Instruction /Normal nutrition information as it relates to dental health
Behavioral modification
Instruction / Self-adjustment of orthodontic appliances and all other post-operative and post-insertion instructions, as deemed appropriate by the supervising dentist
All non-invasive supportive services normally utilized in conjunction with the treatment by the dentist of fascia pain or TMJ syndrome
Preparing the teeth for restorations or for the bonding of orthodontic brackets by treating the supragingival coronal surfaces of the teeth to be bonded with a conditioning or etching agent and by the placement of a bonding agent adhesive
Polymerization of light-activated restorative or bonding materials
Impressions for removable or fixed orthodontic appliances
Preliminary selection and sizing of orthodontic bands and arch wires
Checking for and removal of loose orthodontic bands
*Checking for and removal of loose orthodontic brackets
Placement and removal of orthodontic arch wires, auxiliary arch wires, and ligation of same to orthodontic bands and/or brackets
Placement and removal of orthodontic separators and ties
Irrigation and drying of canals during endodontic procedures
Placement of medication in the pulp chamber(s) of teeth with non-vital pulp or instrumented root canals

* As of 2006, the Ohio State Dental Board responded to a request from ODEFA and has granted Ohio EFDAs permission to perform Cerec impressions, also known as optical impressions.