Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that is not in the list below, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help. You may also download our EFDA Examination Checklist (PDF) (Right-click and 'Save As' to save a copy.)

Who is eligible to take the Ohio EFDA exam?
  1. Graduates of Ohio Dental Expanded Functions programs who are current Certified Dental Assistants, Certified Ohio Dental Assistants, or Dental Hygiene Graduates are eligible to apply to take the Commission on Dental Testing Expanded Functions Dental Assistant examination.
  2. At the end of their third year, dental students are eligible to apply to take the Commission on Dental Testing EFDA examination with the written recommendation from the dean of their dental school.
  3. Unlicensed Dentists who provide proper documentation following Ohio State Dental Board rules for those having received training from an accredited and non-accredited school are eligible to apply to take the Commission on Dental Testing EFDA examination.
How do I get an application?
Applicants will apply online at First step is to create a CODT website account. Once the account is created, you can register for an examination. You will be required to upload several documents and can pay the examination fee securely through our website.

If you already have an account online and need to retake the EFDA examination, you can sign into your account and register for a retake exam.
When is the Application deadline?
Applications are due to the Commission on Dental Testing four (4) weeks prior to the examination date. The website will indicate if after that date there is availability to take the exam. A late fee can be charged if applying after the deadline. Applications must be properly completed per instructions. Any application with missing information will be considered incomplete. An email stating the application is accepted will be sent to the applicant when complete.
What is the Examination Lottery?
The lottery is used for determining who is chosen for the EFDA clinical examination when the number of candidates exceeds the total number that can be tested in the May exam. This lottery is conducted within five days after the application deadline. Those candidates not selected for the May examination will be given preference for the next scheduled examination. If a candidate fails to satisfactorily complete their training program by the examination date, the program director must notify the Commission as soon as possible to allow another qualified applicant to take the exam. Please note: At this time the lottery is not being used. Every candidate that submits a completed application will be eligible to take the exam.
How are candidates notified that they are accepted into the examination?
Applicants will be notified of their candidate status at least two (2) weeks prior to the exam. An exam packet will be sent to those candidates taking the examination two (2) weeks prior to the exam. Included in the packet of information will be the three teeth #’s that the candidate will be tested on for the clinical portion of the exam.
What is the procedure for retaking the examination?
First and Second Time Failures
Those candidates who have failed either part of the examination on their first or second time are sent a retake application along with their failure notification by the Commission’s Executive Secretary. No review course is required for the first or second failures providing two (2) years has not lapsed since completion of an approved EFDA program.

Note: The seal of the institution and Dean/ Administrative Officer’s signature is not needed on the second or third applications.

Third Time Failures
Those candidates who have failed the examination three (3) times are sent a retake application with their failure notification by the Commission’s Executive Secretary. The candidate must receive remedial training before sitting for the next exam and must furnish the Commission with proof of completion of additional training with their application.

Educators providing remedial training, for those retaking the exam must notify the Executive Secretary of the Commission of those auxiliaries successfully completing the review course. This must be done in writing one (1) week prior to the exam. Persons that have not completed a necessary training program will be eliminated from the examination roster of candidates.

Candidates who do not pass both portions of the EFDA examination within two (2) years of completing an approved EFDA program will be required to successfully complete a full training program prior to taking or retaking the examination.
What is the EFDA examination like? What is a passing score?
The EFDA examination is presented as a written and clinical format. The written portion is a composite of seventy-five (75) multiple choice questions chosen at random from a bank of compiled questions referenced from the suggested test, Dentistry for Restorative Expanded Dental Auxiliary, Hottel and Ruggiero. (most recent edition)

Seventy-five (75%) percent of the multiple choice questions must be answered correctly for the candidate to be successful.

The clinical portion of the exam is performed in a laboratory setting on a typodont. The Chief Examiner of the Commission selects three (3) tooth preparations at random, from a bank of sixteen (16) possible preps for the candidates to restore within a two (2) hour period. Enclosed in the packet of information sent to the candidate two weeks before the exam the candidate will receive information on the three teeth to be restored. The restorations are to be completed using metallic and esthetic materials. All materials, equipment, and handpieces are the responsibility of the candidate and are not provided by the testing site. The Commission provides the typodonts and the prepped teeth only.

Candidates who accomplish an overall grade average of 75% on the clinical examination will receive notification of passing the clinical examination.
When will the results of the EFDA examination be released?
Those candidates who are successful on the written and clinical portion of the EFDA examination will receive an email showing a pass/pass grade. A letter of explanation will be sent to the candidate one week after the exam. Keep this letter as proof of passing the exam. Also a certificate will be mailed to those who have passed the exam approximately six months after the exam.

The next step to practice as an EFDA is to register with the Ohio State Dental Board. You can register online at You cannot begin to practice as an EFDA until you have received confirmation from the state dental board that you have successfully completed the registration process.

Those who have failed either portion or both portions of the exam will receive an email of either a pass/fail grade. A letter of explanation will be sent to the candidate one week after the exam.

Scores are not released to candidates or their representatives by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail. Individual scores are not released at any time to schools of graduation. A pass/fail notification is released to the schools only when the applicant agrees by making the appropriate mark on their application.
What is the appeal process?
The Commission maintains independent processes by which a candidate may petition for a review of his/her individual examination results. This is a formalized process conducted by the Appeals Committee whose charge it is to review the mathematical facts of final examination results. This review will not involve a re-evaluation of actual typodont restorations. Thus, in determining whether to file a petition, the candidate should be advised that all reviews are based solely on a reassessment of written documentation.

Candidates who contact the Commission regarding their examination results must clearly indicate in writing whether they wish to 1) express a concern relating to the examination, or 2) initiate a formal petition for review. A $50.00 filing fee will be charged by the Commission to file and process a formal review petition. Any request for such a review MUST BE FILED WITHIN 60 DAYS from the date of the examination. The Examination Committee is required to complete its review within 90 days from the time of receiving a formal request. However, should a candidate apply for reexamination during the review process, the review is terminated.
How do I contact the Commission with special needs?
Since the Commission is made up of working professionals who come together two times a year for the purpose of the EFDA examination, the members are not easily contacted. For special purposes, special needs, and emergencies, the Executive Secretary to the Commission may be contacted by phone or e-mail as follows:

Vicki Baldini
Telephone number - 614-219-1559
E-mail address -

Special Accommodations:

Special accommodations may be granted for the written portion of the EFDA exam. Those requesting an accommodation or special need must send appropriate documentation to the Chief Examiner at least six (6) weeks prior to the requested exam date. Written notification of specific accommodations will be sent with the exam packet to the applicant.
The Executive Secretary will answer your requests in a timely fashion to the best of her ability.