CODT Updates & Announcements

Current Status of the EFDA Examination scheduled on August 8th, 2020

June 16th, 2020

Regarding the status of the EFDA examination date on August 8, 2020 (open exam) the Commission on Dental Testing (CODT) is currently awaiting confirmation of the scheduled date and associated information from the administration of the educational institution.

To our current and prospective EFDA candidates: you may continue to register and reserve your seat for this exam date. Once CODT has been notified of the exam date whether it remains the same or will be changed, we will notify you of the same and update your registration accordingly. If the exam date is changed and you are unable to attend exam, CODT will work to accommodate your needs.

As soon as CODT receives confirmation of an exam date from the institution, we will post it here on our website and notify all of those who are currently registered.

If you would like further information, please contact us on our website.

CODT Extended Payment Plan Announcement & Exam Schedule Update

1/1/2023 Update: Payment plans remain available, however the terms may have changed since the below publication. Please check the details of the plan within your CODT account for the latest information.

April 14th, 2020

During this unprecedented time of financial hardship caused by COVID-19, The Commission on Dental Testing (CODT) has been actively considering ways to help the current generation of EFDA candidates to register their seats for the EFDA examination so that they can join or rejoin the dental industry workforce with as little impact to their careers as possible.

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of CODT Extended Payment Plans (EPP), a program currently unique to our testing organization, that eases financial burden by allowing candidates to pay for their registration in 3 smaller installment payments. The timing of the installment payments is fully controlled by the candidate, i.e., it is not an automatic recurring payment. CODT asks only that the examination be fully paid 2 weeks in advance of the examination date. Should an examination date change, the payment due date will also be extended accordingly. The Extended Payment Plan is available to all new CODT EFDA candidates with a checking or savings account and is offered free of charge.

Once a candidate has signed up for an account on the CODT website (, or already has a preexisting CODT account, candidates will see a blue notice on their account dashboard regarding the COVID-19 Extended Payment Plan. At the bottom of the notice is a button to enroll in EPP by linking a bank account. Once the bank account is linked, the candidate can simply return to make ACH installment payments until the exam registration balance is fully paid. Once a candidate’s first installment payment has cleared, their payment plan is considered “active” and their exam registration is reserved.

As a general update, the uncertainty related to COVID-19, government, and educational institution policy has also been disruptive to our planned exam schedule. CODT will be sending periodic communications and posting updates on our website to keep you informed. As of now, any exams that have been postponed have not been canceled; they will be rescheduled as soon as it is safe and advisable to do so in coordination with the respective institutions.

We wish you health and safety.

Dr. James Merrell, DDS
Chairman. Commission on Dental Testing in Ohio

If you would like further information, please contact us on our website.